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Viatek | Australia
Viatek Technology Announces Success in Achieving Critical Information Security and Quality Management Certifications Supporting Excellence in Customer and Employee Experience
Computer Hardware Hacking Background
7 Steps to Recover from a Ransomware Attack
Ransomware is a type of cyberattack often used against companies of all sizes. Once the malware that this type of...
colleagues having a discussion in the office
5 Reasons to Switch to Hybrid Cloud
Hybrid cloud is no longer an emerging trend – it’s now reshaping how organisations will function now and in the...
office worker at the computer desk
Hybrid Cloud for SMBs Now and What’s to Come
Spend on IT for small and medium sized businesses is now a big cost consideration. Overall, spending on IT by...
remote working
4 Ways for IT To Enable a Remote Workforce
With both employers and employees foreseeing remote work as standard going forward, what can businesses do to support this ‘new...
office colleagues collaborating in office and remotely
Collaboration in a Hybrid Workforce: What Do You Need?
Given that the hybrid workforce model is likely to prevail, what do you need to enable collaboration between in-office and...
Worker in the field, or at ‘the Edge’
We’re at the Edge of change, but what does it mean?
Read our latest blog today: “We’re at the Edge of change, but what does it mean?”
Maryvale Private Hospital
Viatek Technology, a provider of information technology and communications business solutions, has announced the signing of a multi-year IT managed...
IT Professional inspecting Technology
Deep Dive on HPE Synergy
How does the Idea Economy and composable infrastructure relate to one another? Find out here:
Can we get cloud-like economics from on-premises infrastructure?
How do we get the scalable secure capacity we need from on-premises infrastructure without having to overinvest in on-site hardware?...
Two Technology Workers Discussing HPE SimpliVity
Deep Dive on HPE SimpliVity
Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) SimpliVity is the industry’s leading implementation of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI). Read our deep dive on HPE...
The Hybrid Workplace
Switching to outcome-based IT spending
IT leaders face the dilemma of choosing between the secure control of on-premises hardware and the cost-effective scalability of public...