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Private Cloud

Viatek | Bairnsdale
Viatek has built a comprehensive private cloud infrastructure using resources housed in two geographically dispersed datacentres. This cuts out the complexity of public cloud infrastructures while also delivering clear compute and storage tiers at fixed rates and with no unpredictable operating costs.
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Our areas of focus include:

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Cloud Virtual Firewall

Connectivity to the Viatek private cloud is always protected by a managed virtual firewall appliance. Our technology is used in conjunction with physical security measures and with complete adherence to best security industry practices.
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Cloud Hypervisor

Our innovative cloud hypervisor capabilities can be self-managed or placed in the hands of our management team. Enjoy the Viatek platform benefits without the need to share vital compute resources with others.
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Cloud Infrastructure

Dubbed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), this offering provides clients with a solution that is fully managed by Viatek from the hypervisor layer down.
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Cloud Desktop

As part of its private cloud portfolio, Viatek offers a fully managed cloud desktop that delivers a secure and completely isolated environment for each client. Viatek provide the scalability, performance and flexibility required.
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Cloud Backups

Our fully managed cloud backup service is integrated seamlessly into our private cloud backbone. These services may also be rendered for on-premises resources, in these instances your data is fully encrypted to assure complete security during transit.
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Cloud Disaster Recovery

Our comprehensive cloud disaster recovery service offers protection for critical workloads from system outages or other events. Consisting of two independent fibre links between our datacentres, which effectively allows failover workloads within moments of an emergency.

A System That Works ‘For’ You:

There’s nothing but excitement for the constant development and slew of resources being made available with every passing year in the realm of cloud infrastructures.

In the last decade alone, the concept and systematic shift towards these systems indicate a shift of permanence is on the cards.

The world is adapting to these systems that have an adaptation and convenience advantage over older concepts. To have a system that is focussed and entirely workable for clients is now within reach.

More forward-thinking companies are looking toward cloud infrastructures as a means of reliable, tenable, and scalable support. When opting in for the future, security measures are consistently being touted as vital.

While scalability and overall technological advancement is a major factor, security breaches and data loss, and privacy are three of the more modern crucial necessities in these new systems. Viatek have these issues covered with two geographically dispersed datacentres with enterprise-grade security measures in place.

The ‘Viatek’ Difference:

Viatek is committed to providing an experience that is unmatched in the industry. Focussing on a customer-centric model that allows us to fully realise your particular requirements and necessities effectively.

Our state-of-the-art security and comprehensive resources allow your private cloud infrastructure to be entirely your own whether it’s a full migration of data or selective use of particular resources.

Our team have a flair for innovative thinking, lateral approaches, and a concise understanding of what our clients require.

Industry Benefits:

The relevance and utilisation of private cloud infrastructures are apparent across a variety of industries around the world. As technology continues breaking new ground, there are intensifying calls for stability and scalability.

Healthcare is finding more credence for considering these systems due to the stability of accessible systems being inherently connected with effective management of resources and information in the health sector. Not only would the integration of an effective cloud infrastructure do wonders to assist those in the industry with reliable and secure data storage. There’s also a noticeable lower cost over traditional means of filing and paperwork, this allows the health sector to focus monetary investment in advancements better suited for the betterment of society.

The Financial sector also stands to gain wondrously from the integration of a Viatek solution due to the already mentioned resilient security protocols in place, the ease of access which allows for better mobility and scaled adjustments. Database storage and backups under enterprise-level encryption serve the population as well as the institutions dutifully.

Education also gains tremendously from the implementation with accessibility of vital resources being made easily accessible across private servers and databases. This ensures the relative safety of user data and seamless communicative potential between teachers and students. The latter being a major obstacle that many institutions faced in the previous 18 months.

Your Viatek Solution Awaits.

We’re always here to answer your questions. If you’re unsure of what we can offer you, don’t hesitate to contact us below.