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Viatek & business nbn®

Our technology partnerships with global leaders such as NBN allow us to deliver our clients the most informed technological solutions, technology, and services available in the current market.

We are an experienced team who are committed to delivering value through innovative solutions that drive business productivity and reduce operational costs.

We take the cost and complexity out of managing your IT Infrastructure by providing current, Cloud Solutions and Managed IT Services.

Why business nbn®


1. Designed for you

When you’re running applications that are time sensitive and require consistent bandwidth, those that run on the cloud, or that rely on upload speed as much as download speed, you need a high performance, reliable fibre network. This is where Enterprise Ethernet comes to the fore.


2. Performance you can trust

Data over Enterprise Ethernet comes with a symmetrical profile – same upload and download speeds. For applications such as cloud computing and video conferencing, uploads can be just as important as downloads in order to help ensure consistent connectivity and performance.


3. Flexibility when you need it

Enterprise Ethernet is designed so that as your business changes – such as an increase of employees, or the adoption of more bandwidth-heavy applications – it can be scaled based on your needs. So you can continue being productive, collaborative and innovative, now and into the future.

Benefits of business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet

More accessible than ever. A premium, high-performance fibre access network designed to be both fast and reliable

Built upon a robust fibre network that’s designed to help businesses of any size, now and into the future

Enjoy the benefits of symmetrical speed and priority data options of close to 10Gbps and dedicated 24×7 service support to service providers.

With our digital landscape constantly transforming, and many businesses relying daily on video conferencing and cloud-based applications, network reliability is critical.  business nbn® Enterprise Ethernet is designed to help meet the needs of businesses of different sizes, whether you’re big or small. The product gives providers the ability to help scale their network solution – assisting you to be productive, collaborative and innovative and to meet the evolving digital needs of your business

Dedicated onshore experts connect and provide 24/7 support to providers

Case Studies

RFI Technology Solutions

Read our Case study here:

Case Study Quote:

Our technology needed to be a lot more responsive to the needs of the business, and also bring innovation to the table to solve business challenges,” said Drew.

Hargrave Design Group

Read our Case study here:

Case Study Quote:

When it comes to technology, we now have no restrictions on our growth,” he said. “We could establish a new office or support remote workers and Viatek would have them up and running in a day.

For more information, please visit: Business Fibre Page