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Viatek | Australia

Sustainability is at the heart of Viatek’s business. Being green is not just a potential competitive business advantage – for us and our clients. It’s also a good way to reduce costs and create more streamlined business processes.

Sustainability at Viatek

On average, Australian office workers toss out 50kg of high-grade paper each year. That’s 10,000 sheets of A4 that heads straight to landfill. It’s a huge waste when you realise it takes more than 90,000 litres of water (also precious) to make just one tonne of paper out of virgin pulp.

Many offices have fairly document-intensive processes.

By optimising their equipment infrastructure, our clients save costs and cut their carbon emissions. In fact, our technologically advanced, environmentally-friendly solutions help our clients’ businesses reduce their carbon footprint by up to 80%!

All of Viatek’s print solutions use FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia equipment with environmentally responsible design and energy-efficient enhancements. We’re committed to providing our customers with the most sustainable business solutions possible.

We practise and promote sustainability by recycling, conserving energy, preventing pollution & minimising waste. We follow recycling protocols and initiatives that achieve proven continuous improvement across economic, environmental & social criteria.

Managing resources responsibly, reduces our customers’ impact on the environment while increasing their bottom line, and being good custodians of the environment and its resources, also means they’ll be in good shape for future generations.

Viatek’s support for Australia’s regional environment

We understand there may be a certain level of irony in a printing solutions specialist supporting environmental causes – after all, paper’s typically only made out of one thing. But as a FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia supplier, we fully support and comply with ISO 14001 (International Standard for Environmental Management Systems), promoting reuse and recycling via the resource recycling systems of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Australia.

That focus on sustainability covers three main areas – people, planet and profit. That expands out to ensuring we look after the wellbeing of everyone we work with; enabling sustainability in our customers and reducing waste wherever we can; and making sure we give back to the environment around us. As a supplier of office technology including multi-function devices and printers our environmental focus includes:

Beyond our business processes, that involvement with the community also encompasses an environmental focus. One of our long-term partnerships is with an initiative called Fifteen Trees (you guessed it) for every fifteen trees planted, it offsets one of Viatek’s vehicles each year. Read more on Central & West VIC’s involvement and South East VIC’s involvement.

No matter how much any business does to minimise its waste and improve processes internally, it’s still going to have some kind of impact on the environment.

How can you get involved with Viatek?

Supporting the community and environment is a core facet of how we do things at Viatek. With such a broad reach across regional Victoria and NSW, it’s important that we put our presence to good use.

According to a report by Institute of Environmental Studies at the University of New South Wales, the 10,000 sheets of A4 that Australian office-based employees use annually costs businesses more than $100 per year, per employee. Based on a business with 25 staff, that’s $2,750 each year on base stock paper.